Available Delivery Options:

Ground Transportation – Hand Delivery via Citizen Shipper: If you prefer the convenience of having your puppy delivered right to your front door, you can opt for the Citizen Shipper service. Simply fill out an application on their website, and you will receive quotes from multiple drivers.

Flight Nanny Transport Service via airline delivery: For those who are located far away, we offer airport delivery through our Nanny Transport Service. This option requires a fee of $450, plus the cost of a round trip plane ticket for the nanny to your closest major airport. Additionally, you will receive an airline approved dog carrier that your puppy will travel in during the trip. Yours to keep.

Tampa International Airport Pickup: If you are flying in from out of state, we can arrange to meet at the Tampa International Airport for you to pickup your puppy.

The Risks of Shipping Puppies on an Airline:

Shipping puppies in cargo on an airplane is a common practice, but I choose not to partake in it due to the potential stress and risks it poses to the dogs. Even when labeled as live animals, parcels may end up in non-pressurized and non-heated areas of the aircraft, resulting in unfortunate outcomes. I prioritize the well-being of these precious puppies and do not engage in shipping them.

There are several reasons why shipping animals on an airline is not be the best choice:

Poor Care and Handling: Some airlines may not provide the level of care and attention you expect for your beloved pet. Animals can be handled by baggage carriers, and there is a risk of them escaping from their cages or kennels.

Mix-Ups and Lost Animals: Mistakes can happen, and there have been cases of animals being shipped to the wrong destination. This can result in the animal being set free and getting lost.

Potential for Injury or Abuse: Careless handlers responsible for loading animals into the cargo hold may cause harm to them. Entrusting your pet’s well-being to unfamiliar individuals can be difficult, as airlines cannot guarantee the compassion and care of those responsible for live animal transport.

Risks of Extreme Temperatures: Cargo holds may lack proper ventilation and temperature control, which can lead to suffocation or heat exhaustion for pets. While temperature regulations exist, the guidelines do not specify the maximum allowable heat within the cargo bays. If delays occur or passengers are taken off the plane, animals remain confined for extended periods without access to food, water, or a chance to relieve themselves.

Notice the TSA (transporting live animals) it states ‘animals may not be exposed to temperatures less than 45*F”, but it doesn’t say anything about how hot it is allowed to be inside those cargo bays. If you are delayed or even worse, deplaned – Airlines don’t take your baggage off the plane, so they wouldn’t be taking your pet out of the cargo hold, either. The animal is confined for a much longer period of time unable to eat, possibly drink, or relieve itself while being exposed to extreme temperatures.

Please consider these risks and prioritize the safety and comfort of your puppy when deciding on a delivery method.